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I’ve whined many times about not having a set niche to blog about, I blog on the run with the wind in my hair and coffee cup in my hand.  Of course that means coffee spills and messy hair but that fitted perfectly with the image of a middle aged frazzled woman raising a house load of kids.

This year I’ve had to think more seriously about my online business, my shop BumpyLand.  That means taking a spoonful of ‘get serious’ and ‘this is for real’.  With that I’ve also wanted to share issues going off the bumpy path a bit and not always being related to my personal journey.  Also sometimes I want to reach out to people who have their own needs and journey without always pointing at myself screaming “What about me”.

That means a new blog.  Not a flippant move half hearted attempt but the real thing. The idea was there, the match was lit and a spark appeared.  I stared mesmerised into it like a moth drawn to a flame.  I began to pull it together slowly with any spare moment spare in an already hectic few months.  Then I met Problogger.  Okay truthfully I didn’t meet him, although I think I got a slight nod of greeting as I arrived, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Problogger is Darren Rowse and also a great every day guy.  Excitingly Perth had the honour of hosting a much and long awaited Problogger event  and the afternoon was not wasted.  Apart from the fact that I arrived home to dinner made, kids bathed and ready for bed and the floors cleaned, what a guy!  My man Mr Bumpy I mean not Darren!

Despite my newish fake fancy nails I managed to tap out pages of notes on my iPhone and came away inspired and encouraged that not only was I on the right track with the new blog but I also needed to chill a little and not be so stressed.  Darren encourages people to just go for it.  Don’t wait around for the right moment just jump in and learn as you go.

I don’t know a lot and I often miss the boat on many things due to chasing all things ‘kids’ but it’s all okay, I can just keep trying and that’s something I certainly do.


So on Thursday 27th Feb I will launch a new blog, SensiKids.  I’ll still be here too but I’ll be moving any posts about BumpyLand over to SK in future.   Exciting times ahead and of course busy, but isn’t that life anyway?  I hope you skip over to SK when it’s launched and leave some reader love with a comment or two.  It’s my birthday on Thursday too so having you visit will really make my day.



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  • bodyandfeetretreat

    LOL – as if you didn’t have enough on your plate already !!!! But I totally understand how blogs morph into something different and there comes a point where you want to change to reflect that. Wishing you every success with your change and, in case I get caught up, a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL birthday on Thursday !
    Love, hugs and heaps of positive energy !

    • http://thebumpiestpath.com/ Jules

      I know, I know but if I didn’t keep busy I may be delinquent 😛 Thank you for the birthday wishes sweet friend. BTW received your beautiful card, I hadn’t had time to go to the PO until this week. THANK YOU

  • http://www.havealaughonme.com/ Emily

    He is quite inspirational isn’t he? Darren from PB? I went to the GC one last year. Go you for starting a new blog, send me a reminder and I will do all I can to spread the word. I’m going to get in early for Thursday though and wish you a very happy and healthy birthday with a lovely year ahead x

    • http://thebumpiestpath.com/ Jules

      How sweet, thank you. I don’t feel at all as old as my official age but the face is beginning to tell me the truth. I’m hoping to get to PBevent this year, fingers and toes crossed.

  • TwitchyCorner

    This is great news. Happy birthday for tomorrow and by the sounds of things Sensi-kids will be very suitable for sharing on the Autism Our Words Page xxx PING ME! #teamIBOT

  • AParentingLife

    So super exciting about the new blog. I was a little worried that meant you wouldn’t be here any more so relieved to hear you will be. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way lovely

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