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South Pacific


The lights dimmed and so began the musical journey into war time romance with Roger & Hammerstein’s SOUTH PACIFIC.

A multi talented cast bring to Perth’s Crown Theatre an enchanting mix of humour, sad war time reality and old fashioned romance leaving this show a musical not to be missed and undoubtedly will have you singing “I’m gonna wash that man right outa my hair” all the way home.




Emile de Becque played by Teddy Tahu Rodes thunders out his deep and somewhat sexy voice while attempting to capture the heart and hand of Nellie Forbush played by Perth’s very own Lisa McCune.

Two characters that draw special attention are ‘Bloody Mary’ (Christine Anu) and Lieutenant Cable (Blake Bowden).  Although there is so much talent among the complete cast.  The conquering of American accents is nothing short of amazing.

This isn’t just a boring soppy romance story, this is so much more and as one twitter (tweep)  said in good fun, there is plenty of ‘eye candy’.   

Excellence the whole way and I’m returning for a second dose of laughter courtesy of Luther Billis (Mitchel Butel) and probably will, again shed a tear!  Enough of the spoilers though,  I’m taking TJTeen during Leaver’s Week and adding the extra special treat of staying overnight at the Crown Metropol.


It’s going to be an awesome evening out that I’m sure TJ’s going to love and I’m certainly going to love even second time round.

You can check it out here 

Highly recommended and only in Perth until December 8 so don’t hesitate or you’ll miss out.  For those of you in or near Adelaide, South Pacific will open in Adelaide from December 29th.

You can purchase tickets on site at the link above.


South Pacific



*Images courtesy of ACMN

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