Why Sniff Coffee Beans?


That moment when you open a packet of fresh, quality coffee beans.  The moment that amazing aroma hits you in the face stirring up the senses and instantly telling you that today the world is going to be okay, so long as there’s coffee.

So why then in the middle of breathing deep on candle aroma’s did I discover a jar of coffee beans amidst the jar of candles?

At first I was excited, a coffee scented candle!  Rushing in without proper pre-reading I popped the lid and received a small shock, where there should be candle there were coffee beans.

The human nose is a sensitive tool.  While we love to experience tantalising our senses to the full we can only manage to deal with three different smells before the nose gets very confused and upset.   Sniffing coffee beans helps to clear the nose of the previous scent, making way for a clearer judgement on the new scent you are about to introduce.  Candle shops are on to this and have placed small jars of coffee on the shelves for customers to take advantage of.

Sniffing coffee beans will assist in candle choice, apparently!

Next time I’m having a bad day you may well find me huddled over a jar in the middle of a candle store taking deep, slow breaths.  Better than a scratchNsniff sticker don’t you think?

Sniffing coffee beans

This was not for sale, sadly!

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  • bodyandfeetretreat

    Perfume shops normally have wine glasses of coffee beans on the counter for the same reason – I love the smell of coffee beans but not the smell of coffee #toldyouIwasstrange
    Have a wonderful day !

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