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Drum roll Daaadaadaaaaa…. I’d love you all to meet

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Jaime Oliver from The Oliver’s Madhouse


Digital Parents Australia has joined with the awesome Tots100 in an international blog swap day, as soon as I read the invitation email I squealed with delight and threw my hand in the air, actually I replied excitedly with a “yes please” but that’s almost the same thing.

When I received my link up details and found I was linked with Jaime Oliver, well who else gets to boast they are linked to someone so awesome, huh?  They almost look alike don’t they? Okay, true they look nothing alike, Jaime is oh so much more gorgeous and runs a great ‘parenting blog’ based in Nottingham, that place where Robin Hood comes from.



I’m thrilled to be hosting The Oliver’s Madhouse here on TBP today, here is what Jaime has to say for herself.

The Oliver's Madhouse


How long have you been Blogging?
I am still relatively new in the blogging area. I made my first tentative steps 19 months ago and since my first post its all kind of going with a bang of excitement and community and I have been privileged to work with some amazing brands and companies.

Is your Blog a Hobby or Do You Earn an Income From It?
It began as a hobby but now I do earn a small amount from it, although I only work with paid content if the subject really emanates from the things that we do and say and something I would genuinely talk about. My blog has given me the opportunity to branch out and work doing some freelance writing and also some social media work with other companies.

What Subjects Do you Cover?
The Oliver’s Madhouse is rather random.. Just like me. It tends to be a perfect reflection of the vast things that happen in our lives with having a household with a teen and toddler .. I also use it as a therapeutic output for my weight loss and health posts so one minute it can be a teen melt down then next stopping smoking followed by a recipe or too .. Although there are not many of those since I am rather rubbish at cooking and I even wear meat gloves!

Are there any opportunities blogging has given you that you wouldn’t have necessarily had?
There have been some amazing opportunities, some of the most empowering up to this point have been being able to support Team Honk and pushing my own personal boundaries. Also discovering new products or brands that I had not come across before.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever blogged about?

Gosh being an honest blogger means I sometimes have to rein myself in .. I have blogged about all sorts of stuff that could be a little cringe worthy but mostly blogging about my Melasma and my Rosacea have been my most anxious posts as it shows my conditions and what they really look like.

What 3 things have you always wanted to do that you still haven’t got round to doing?
1. Visiting Disney Land
2. Finding some way of brightening my hall, stairs and landing or picking the right colours to do it.
3. becoming a domestic goddess in the kitchen

What’s your dream holiday destination?
It would be a dream come true to take the kids to Disney Land in Florida, although if it was just Ollie and I it would amazing to visit anywhere with white sandy beach great cocktails and sunshine.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Is it wrong to say I don’t ever want to grow up?? .. It just seems so much more boring? .. At the moment I like to think the responsible role of adult is a temporary role and that way my inner child is placated 😉

If you could have any animal in the world as your pet what would you choose?
One that does not cost lots to keep, is furless, toothless, takes no space and creates no mess … did I mention my OCD tendencies?

What is your top rant inducing thing?
There are several massive contenders to this… on least mother and child parking spaces being abused by non-parents with non-children, ignorant folk and rudeness … However the most frustrating one for me… You know the one that really makes my blood boil …..Dog pooh (muck) why would you not clean up after your own dog? Although there are fines given over here in the UK they are never really enforced in our area!

Thanks Jules for allowing me some of your time and cyberspace.. if you would like to come and say Hi please feel free to come and chat to me on Facebook, Twitter or Google + or if you fancy having a nosey at what my life is like over here in the UK with a toddler and teen please feel free to follow me on Instagram too.


“Jaime thanks for being awesome and popping over to The Bumpiest Path, hopefully one we will will meet in person.”

Thanks Digital Parents and Tots100 for an awesome linkup event.

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  • Jaime Oliver

    Thanks for having me .. gosh i do ramble dont i!! lol its been so lovely to meet you .. even if its in cyber land! 😉 xx

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