My, How Time Flies

I seem to have lost January, it merely slipped passed at a rate faster than the speed of light. It’s already February 3rd, or is that 4th? I have trouble keeping up. Perhaps it’s a condition of being, almost…on the other side of the hill.

I had full intentions of an early night, to hit the sack and gain some cheat beauty sleep, then I looked up from dull paper work and the clock bluntly pointed out that early had slipped by unnoticed. Probably laughing scornfully as it went.

19 years of parenting while filled with drama, tragedy and exhilarating memories also seems to have slipped by causing me to wonder how is it so?

How does one slow down time, how do I harness life and bring it to a slow trot rather than a speedy canter?

Perhaps after all this I’m already succeeding because it seems that if I’ve found time to ponder such issues as time flying by, then I must have found some time and held onto it!

Ha! On that point it’s time to end the day, seize whatever beauty sleep time there is and sleep. Ready to tackle harnessing another day and making it a day worth while.

Until another mindful moment I’ll leave you with this deep statement.


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  • bodyandfeetretreat

    LOL – I like that being almost on the other side of the hill !!! I wonder if that’s the same hill I’m nearly on the other side of ??????????????????
    I love that quote – it’s so very true !
    What I did when I found I lost track of time in the evenings – I set my alarm for 9.30 – not because that was when I would go to bed but just to remind me that that was what the time was so that it didn’t get away from me every single night – hope it may help you.
    Have a great day !

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