Mother Of The Year – the one that got away!

Perhaps there’s something in the blog name The Bumpiest Path that has true meaning, actually sure, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen it. This week I received a never to be forgotten phone call, in the middle of a meeting regarding foster care.  The number was from way over yonder in the Eastern States and against my no answer policy I exited the room and took the call.  The voice on the other end was from Barnardos. With my jaw draping on the floor I was informed that I’d been selected in the top 6 nominations in Western Australia for Mother of the Year 2014.  I was asked a list of questions and interviewed over the phone.  I was then informed who the nominee was and the caller read the nomination.  Tough old me could not hold back the mild dew that formed just beneath the eyelids. I was humbled and elated all at once.  I try to work behind the scenes, apart from blogging of course and even that I’m apparently not ‘out there’ enough!

I was then informed that the next process in the awards was to make it through to the top 3 and I would know by March 31st if I was successful.  How exciting!  The call ended and I discreetly, but ever so slightly excitedly,  told my social workers and team leader who were equally elated.  I couldn’t help but send a text to Mr Bumpy.  I know I was jumping the gun but just reaching the top 6, even being nominated was the highlight of my day, week and probably year.

At home I tapped out an excited post to share my news and during proof-reading my phone rang, same number!  I was informed that I was disqualified, the nomination was automatically withdrawn and I would proceed no further.  I was stunned, actually my mind raced ahead to the sweet woman who had nominated me and  how excited she had been and how she would now feel and I felt so sad for her.

Numb I reached over and pressed the DELETE key on the post that had almost been a PUBLISH.

I went from high on a hill to sliding on my butt in a muddy valley within a few short hours.

You see a few years ago I was nominated by my then teenage eldest child (who is now a young adult), he had had a difficult life coping with losing his younger brother and had fought off clinical depression throughout his adolescence.  His nomination was top secret, I never guessed for a moment.  I made top 3 nominations, I didn’t make Mother of the Year for WA or for Australia.  However,  apparently I can never again be nominated.

While I can be sweet and kind and say “I understand”, reality is I don’t really!  If I’d WON then I would understand, you can’t really go any higher.

  • The nomination was unrelated.
  • The Nominee was unaware of my previous nomination.
  • I was unaware of the nomination and I had not directly or indirectly asked anyone to nominate me.
  • Why wasn’t the situation alerted to on their database when my name was input?  It would have saved an emotional roller coaster ride.

Besides, why can’t someone be awarded more than once?  People in other categories aren’t given a once in a life time only opportunity. Either way it seems that near enough will have to be good enough, reaching for the stars a second time around has had the foot stool knocked out from under me and while I may never know if this time I could have been number one I will never, ever, forget what the awesome nominee did.  A precious memory  with no evidence except a tall story of the one that got away.




*In light of events this passing weekend involving tragic loss of life on a missing Malaysian Airlines Flight, this blog post is almost worth another delete, believe me I considered it.  However, in reality if I deleted every post in this way there simply wouldn’t be a blog.  

RIP to all the lives lost and deepest thoughts and sympathies to family and friends of all those who were aboard. 

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  • bodyandfeetretreat

    I think what they did was just wrong. Even if they found out that you had been nominated before – to tell you you were in the top 6 and then call and say sorry, we made a mistake is just wrong. If you are worthy of it every year, you should be allowed to be nominated every year. You are one amazing lady and deserve to be recognised for what you do for children.
    I would definitely vote for you !!!
    Love, hugs and positive energy.
    Me xox

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