A Loaf of Bread, A MeltDown and R.U.OK?



Sunday afternoon brought with it more than just a hot, sunny afternoon.  With school stress already building, week four was about to begin and amidst so much more, more was just too much.  Then she blew!

I placed my coffee on the table in front and grinned at my bestie sitting across from me. It wasn’t like her to have a domestic explosion and while her story-telling was humorous there was a deeper side to it.  I felt honoured to have such a friendship.  One where we could laugh at the good days, the bad days and the ‘we need wine’ days.

My friend had carried a lot of stress in the previous two weeks, she is however very good at soldiering on.  She had received news of more than one Mum in her circle being diagnosed with cancer of varying types and being such a kind soul I  knew she was carrying the grief for them and for their loved ones. So where does a loaf of bread come into it?

Arriving home with her family they pulled up into the carport.   The standard unload involved the issue of there being no bread in the house.  While I’m not akin to full intimate details that loaf of bread is credited to being the corkscrew that uncorked the pressured bottle.  As my friend says, she has no idea what happened next except she blew and everyone ran for cover.  Car windows obviously down she let it rip in a verbal rant that only Mums are capable of, understand and totally need, every few years at least or perhaps days for some.

After some alone time in the car, all was calm and the day continued albeit with a momentary renewed respect from the family including the cat!

A few days later a neighbour took a surprising and very brave action.  They approached my friend and in a non interfering, caring manner asked her if she was okay.  Now there had been no violence, no abuse and no continuing issue.  My friend is a great mother and has a great family.  While we both had a chuckle at the neighbours response to the Sunday Mummy Meltdown all I can say is BRAVO.

Any neighbour willing to take a risk and ask another “Are you okay?” (RUOK)  is a true neighbour indeed.



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  • bodyandfeetretreat

    It’s amazing at what can be ‘the last straw that broke the camels back’ – how good that she has such caring neighbours.
    Have the best day !

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