All Aboard, Next Stop Valentine’s Day








If you don’t like Valentine’s Day  then maybe I can change your ‘unlike’ to a ‘like’ status!

I have not one but TWO awesome give-away gifts perfectly perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Are you ready?


ONE x Pandora Gift Card, valued at $40.00 (redeemable throughout Australia).

Pandora gift card


(drum roll…….) One ROMANTIC DINNER FOR TWO (valued at $180.00)

Valentines Promotion


 What more could you ask for on THE most romantic date for 2013.  This amazing Valentine’s Day dinner consists of a 3 course meal at the beautiful, new Perth The Terrace Hotel.

There you go, now all you have to do is get your ticket and jump on board  the ‘Bumpy Train to Valentine’s Day’


a Rafflecopter giveaway


** prizes provided with ‘Thanks’ to The Bumpiest Path and The Terrace Hotel

* The Terrace Hotel is located in Perth, Western Australia not Perth Scotland!

* The Bumpiest Path received Nil payment or products in providing this amazing and awesome give-away.

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  • Peta

    Please please i need dinner havent been out with hubby for dinner in years, with four children its hard to get babysitter. how nice to be pampered with a yummy dinner. PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME 🙂

    • Jules

      It is hard to get out with 4 kids, if you win I hope it is magical for you both.

  • Just a girl

    We have had a very stressful year as a couple financially. Finally we have made some changes in our life and hoping that this year could be a new beginning for us.So we would like to spend this valentines day as a day of rekindling our relationship and friendship and hoping our love can see us through.

    • Jules

      Well done for evaluating and making changes. Good luck with the entry but also with the year ahead.

  • Prue

    Valentines day hasn’t really meant much to us for the last few years, we ALWAYS seem to be really busy. I hope to make a special effort this year, maybe I’ll get up and make him breakfast in bed. Maybe.
    Prue x

    • Jules

      Ohhh Breakfast in bed! 🙂 It’s a school day so won’t be easy, but I do like involving the kids too on a different level.

  • Rita

    I’m entering the giveaway just for the Pandora gift card because I live in Melbourne. Great giveaway! Valentine day is a special day for us. Life is too busy and it is just an opportunity to stop and spend some quiet time together.

    • Jules

      I agree Rita, life is busy and while we scream it’s a commercialised event we do need a set day to stop and say I love you.

  • SuzieLove

    Valentines Day is a lovely excuse to get together over a lovely meal and enjoy each other’s company.

    • Jules

      It is a lovely excuse and definitely a lovely meal, in fact an amazing meal. The Terrace Hotel is an amazing place, take my word for it!

  • Kim m

    It just another chance to remember how lucky I am!

    • Jules

      Good luck Kim.

  • Dan

    Time to us to reflect our special bond and share it together without any distractions.

    • Jules

      Reflection is a sweet thing and often a reminder of how far you’ve come.

  • Craig Taylor

    Pick me 🙂

    • Jules

      🙂 You know how awesome the dinner will be of course. Random selection via rafflecopter so keep your fingers, toes and legs crossed, but don’t trip over 🙂

  • Grace Titioka

    Valentine’s Day is a day to have a simple dinner or picnic under the stars and just enjoy each other’s company.

    • Jules

      Picnic under the stars, now there’s an idea!

  • Tanya Berglund

    Hubby and I usually just get each other a card. With three young kids, it’s kind of hard to go anywhere private, but if we won this dinner, I’d make sure that babysitters were arranged and could warrant the outlay!!

    • Jules

      Oh I’m hearing you, try finding somewhere private with 8 they are everywhere lol. Goodluck with your entry.

  • Justine Chippendale O’Malley

    Hmmm forgotton what the city looks like at night time!

    • Jules

      Justine the City of Perth has become quite pretty at night. Good luck

  • Alexandra Miller

    Nice competition 🙂 good luck all!
    and valentines day is a day when you’re allowed to drop everything and spend some distraction free time with the one you love. Or for those with kids, a day when you try and send the kids to bed early and get a little more time together. 😛

    • Jules

      I’m going to tell the kids that “Alexandra” said they have to go to bed early! It might work! 🙂

      • Alexandra Miller

        it’d totally work 😛
        “who’s alexandra?”
        “the valentines day fairy”

  • Yvette

    I love Valentines, because it looks so romantic in the shops and out on the street.. We have great fun in our household making valentine style lunches and crafts..

    • Jules

      We used to state we didn’t need a set date, but HOGWASH… A set date is an awesome idea to go above and beyond.

  • tal

    Valentinea day is the day we became official after i fell pregnant and i agreed to move in.
    This year it will give us a reason to stop and relax and enjoy each other company.

    • Jules

      Wow tal, what a great day to have as an ‘anniversary’ date. 🙂

  • Danieka

    Valentines Day means quality time with my man!

  • Ariane

    Valentines Day means realising that I am truly blessed and makes me love and appreciate my husband even more

  • Wendy Christidis

    Valenines Day is a reminder for us with our busy lives, to make time to appreciate one another and celebrate our love together

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