Thankful Amidst a Trashed Week


  The first week back to school had so much potential, for me I mean, not the kids.  I had work to catch up on and a much needed/wanted appointment at Maurice Meade to clip back this crazy hair of mine.  On the issue of hair, it seems that as … Read More >>>

Surprise and Delight


  You'll be surprised, maybe, to know that I'm a background person more than an upfront person.  Not a reflection of who I am but more of a life stage for want of a better word.  So managing to get to a conference is a big deal, managing to … Read More >>>

Rio 2 In My Home


My home is beginning to look like a new episode of Rio with the arrival of our newest family members, yet to be named.  Our newbies are much loved hand-me-downs from a lovely elderly foster carer couple who have retired and traded down to a suburban … Read More >>>

Beards and Burqas


Weighing in on the Parliament House fiasco of banning the burqa is a risky step, particularly as a Christian.  I am a small but increasingly growing group of Christians who are putting their hands up and saying "enough is enough" to many, many issues … Read More >>>