#Tragic December 2014


What a tragic December. I don't usually track news media for one very good reason, it's not mentally healthy to be hammered all day long with bad news.  However, a few weeks back (December 9) a little two year old boy went missing in an area close … Read More >>>

Slipping Through The Gap


  Saturday was an exciting day.  Each child emptied their 'earnings' jar and counted their riches amidst excited chatter.   Car keys in my hand I merely glanced at the door and all five took off to the car.  I was taking them to the local … Read More >>>

Preparing The Goodbye’s

foster care baby

Can you believe it's been almost six months?  Well 5 months and a bit, since we welcomed little Baby Bella into our home.  June 27th to be precise, it was our eldest son's birthday. Bella was meant to stay only until October and we have been so … Read More >>>

Where’d November Go?

Do you remember when the days felt so long and it felt like an eternity to get to December?  When turning 13 seemed to take longer than 12 months and 18 couldn't come soon enough? Somewhere in life's journey everything changes and time zips by faster … Read More >>>

100 Boxes of Mango


Are you getting the idea that I'm perhaps a tad crazy?  In a good way of course! If you live in Perth I need your help on this one.  I have 100 boxes of Mangos to sell.  You may be one of the lucky few who were involved in this a few years back … Read More >>>

Chopping for Foundation18


While I certainly won't be winning any awards at the Royal Show for my tree chopping efforts I'm happy to settle with knowing that the blisters, grazes and surprise eye infection are worthy of the cause. Foundation 18  is an orphanage in Indonesia … Read More >>>