After a particularly stressful weekend managing a child’s ultra challenging behaviours I was more than keen this morning to leave behind the unwashed breakfast dishes and dirty floors for a session of reformer pilates.  Actually more than regular pilates, today was jumpboard (cardio) and strength. The house and […]

Awesome Arts Tiger Tale

That’s a wrap for the ZZL kids at their very first ever AWESOME ARTS FESTIVAL  but it is not over for the Awesome Arts Festival with shows available until the 10th October, you can discover what and when at AWESOME ARTS  The Zippy kids were delighted to be […]

image credit: Australian Ballet Company

  What will you be doing today?  I will be collecting one very tired child from camp then heading home to tune in ONLINE to   World Ballet Day 2016   October 4 2016 is the day when ballet companies across the globe will join together to celebrate […]

This year is zipping fast at an incredible speed and while I’m desperately wishing it would slow down and calm down it’s only going to ramp up, not down. I should STOP wishing for things to slow down, every time I do something new happens.  However, it’s all […]