What IF?


Sometimes life can go so fast and become so intense I forget to stop and ask WHAT IF?  I have the time to complain about what I want in life, the time to ponder life's opportunities and the desire to achieve but eventually life comes to a cross road … Read More >>>

Not Just a Taxi Ride


After two incredibly difficult days of everything going wrong at home I did manage to get on that flight to the Gold Coast to join approximately 600 bloggers at the Problogger event #PBevent if you want to stalk it all on twitter, instagram and FB. … Read More >>>

My Bookshelf Tells a Story


  Walking past our bookshelf this week I stopped and went through the many books that have collected up over the years.  I was amused at the many computing books from hubby, books that are so outdated I'm sure the operating systems no longer … Read More >>>

Breaking Free for PBEvent 2014


I'm that kind of person who leaps first then stands knee deep in the puddle of mud I didn't see. So when the PBEvent 2014 tickets opened for sale I pounced.  I really wanted to go not only for the adventure but also because I need HELP.  I'm not up … Read More >>>

Life in the Zippy Lane


How exciting it is to jump off the cliff of change and land in a well placed safety net.  Here I am ready to embark on a whole new share my life adventure when just a few months ago I stood at the threshold ready to slam the door on the blogging path … Read More >>>