I Want To Mulch Life’s Lemon Tree


    Life has a topsy turvy pattern in the Zippy household.  I hear others talk of their 'nothing ever changes' lives and I wonder how that happens to some and not to others.  Sure we probably ask for a lot of the topsy but never … Read More >>>

What’s On A Plate


When Carbs Was Just A Potato! Way back when I was a kid I remember it was just 'normal' to have a portion of protein, veg and carb, back then we called it meat, veg and potato!   Often that meant savoury mince or sausage for the kids, peas and corn … Read More >>>

Good Mothers Do Yell

megaphone mum

  There has always been many different styles of parenting.  Some passed down generation to generation, some strongly suggested by psychologists and psychiatrists who enjoy analysis, and over analysis, of the benefits and damage parents bring … Read More >>>

Mix&Go Pro – Review


I'm always on the look out for appliances that will make life not only easier but fun too and that is exactly what the George Foreman Mix & Go Pro does.   In line with my new health challenge, which by the way I'm doing really well with, I'm … Read More >>>

Why I Need a Personal Trainer


  Like most mothers my life is all about others.  From the moment I open my eyes to the second I close them in deep slumber I'm pretty much focused on ensuring others are cared for.  Encouraging healthy eating, exercise and supervising the … Read More >>>