Woman in the Mirror


I gazed intently at the woman who stood before me, not surprisingly she gazed back with an equally intense stare.  As if reading each other's minds we broke gaze and went about our day.  There was something familiar about the person yet I didn't … Read More >>>

Bidding for Business Class?

Image courtesy - Qantas

  On the weekend, a particularly busier than busy weekend, a tweet caught my eye.  A tweet that led me to bidforgood.com.au a site that runs auctions for charitable purposes.  Bidding is done via eBay. Bidding is monitored and a bidder … Read More >>>

Dream Garden DIY via APP

My 1st garden friend, what shall I call him?

  Like looking at a messy linen cupboard and yearning to strip everything out and reorganise, that's how I felt about our front yard, it was far from my dream garden.  Every time I drove past, which is several times a day, I felt embarrassed … Read More >>>

I Want To Mulch Life’s Lemon Tree


    Life has a topsy turvy pattern in the Zippy household.  I hear others talk of their 'nothing ever changes' lives and I wonder how that happens to some and not to others.  Sure we probably ask for a lot of the topsy but never … Read More >>>

What’s On A Plate


When Carbs Was Just A Potato! Way back when I was a kid I remember it was just 'normal' to have a portion of protein, veg and carb, back then we called it meat, veg and potato!   Often that meant savoury mince or sausage for the kids, peas and corn … Read More >>>