White Flag to Vacation Care


18th December the school bell rang loud and clear for the final time in 2014.  Cheers and tears were spread around the school yard.  Cheers from those excited to escape the grip of school for summer vacation and tears from those leaving the grounds … Read More >>>

The Sorry Parent

"I'm sorry that I've spoiled your day but....." "Sorry to interrupt but would you mind...." "I need you to pickup something from the shops, sorry to ....." Yes, it's me, all me and nothing but me.  It's the pit I swore I would never fall into, … Read More >>>



THE GOLDEN RULE So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. (NIV, Matthew 7:12) I have seen on Facebook posts from apparent Christians doing nothing but offend! ..Don't shove gay … Read More >>>

School Holidays Are Smashing

broken window at ZippyZappyLife

He ran from the house turning the corner towards the trampoline.  The words 'mummy's a poopoo bum bum' could be clearly heard for miles I'm sure, but that's okay he was outside, I'm inside and it's time to breathe.    Coffee poured, double shot … Read More >>>

The Prat I Am No More

True Friends

prat Basically someone who's a major idiot, or is delusional and dumb. Acts against logic and thinks he's self-righteous. AKA: Major dumbs.  (urban dictionary) There is something less pratty about this year, something a long time coming. That … Read More >>>

Taking In A Travelling Blogger

Mrs APL and Mrs Zippy

  The 18th December I discovered a blogger family (Rhianna from A Parenting Life -APL) from Darwin were in town.   This family is travelling around Australia with their three kids and had pulled up in GinGin which is just less than an hour … Read More >>>