This year is zipping fast at an incredible speed and while I’m desperately wishing it would slow down and calm down it’s only going to ramp up, not down. I should STOP wishing for things to slow down, every time I do something new happens.  However, it’s all […]


I was never a child to write on my ruler or pencil case and I totally get urked by half torn stickers all over cupboards and doors so imagine my horror when I went to tidy a bed up and discovered what one child had done. I would […]


Late last year we decided after 17 years of foster caring to scale back.  Not that eight permanent children in the home is much of a downsizing! The decision was to stabilise the home more, focus on the now older children and with no children under the age […]

Hi, I’m back!  I managed to find a small gap in the mounds of washing and climb out!  Are my kids the only ones who hand me washing baskets filled with unused, dirty clothes?