The Upgrade

Virgin Airlines Business Class

  Have you experienced the 'Nanna nap'? It's awesome and has some kind of magical ability to refresh in a manner usually only offered after at least 8 hours sleep. A Nanna nap can be just 10 short minutes, a quick snooze so called because … Read More >>>

Waves Crashing


I lay her mop of curly hair gently down to rest alongside her sleeping sister.   Gentle pitter patter sounds of raindrops drifting from the speakers nearby TherapyNatureSounds. The room dark and cool I sink into the lounge curl up my legs and let … Read More >>>

What’s Two More Really?


Well there goes that ambitious plan to get back into running!  I woke Friday morning with an eery feeling that I would receive a call from family services, call it God or just woman's intuition if you will.  Of course the call came after I'd been to … Read More >>>

Running Fear

The tedious hum of the treadmill buzzing in my ear, sweat drips from every pore and the clock ticks annoyingly nearby.  My mind is elsewhere, where the wind is against my face and the scent of gum leaves permeates the air.  That place I'd rather be … Read More >>>

White Flag to Vacation Care


18th December the school bell rang loud and clear for the final time in 2014.  Cheers and tears were spread around the school yard.  Cheers from those excited to escape the grip of school for summer vacation and tears from those leaving the grounds … Read More >>>

The Sorry Parent

"I'm sorry that I've spoiled your day but....." "Sorry to interrupt but would you mind...." "I need you to pickup something from the shops, sorry to ....." Yes, it's me, all me and nothing but me.  It's the pit I swore I would never fall into, … Read More >>>