100 Boxes of Mango


Are you getting the idea that I'm perhaps a tad crazy?  In a good way of course! If you live in Perth I need your help on this one.  I have 100 boxes of Mangos to sell.  You may be one of the lucky few who were involved in this a few years back … Read More >>>

Chopping for Foundation18


While I certainly won't be winning any awards at the Royal Show for my tree chopping efforts I'm happy to settle with knowing that the blisters, grazes and surprise eye infection are worthy of the cause. Foundation 18  is an orphanage in Indonesia … Read More >>>

Bed Bugs


Childhood is full of bedtime fears or at least mine was.  Fears of putting my arms or legs out from under the covers in case I was eaten alive by mozzies or the one where I believed if I hung my leg over the side then the monster under the bed would … Read More >>>

How To Train Your DRAGON 2


My household was particularly excited this week.  Not only did I succumb to my love of Apple and buy an AppleTV but the kids were allowed an extra movie night to celebrate receiving a digital copy of How To Train Your Dragon2.   Movies … Read More >>>